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Modern Pet portrait

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- Customized modern pet portrait inspired by Andy Warhol pop art style
- Custom Lichtenstein inspired pop art comic style
- Stylize and Rainbow modern style

Photoartomation Art Studio offer four modern pet portrait styles
These examples can give you an idea of what your modern pet portraits might look like

Pet portrait Andy Warhol popart
Custom pet modern portrait painting
1-Panel Cats portrait modern painting
2-Panel Comic style pet Portrait
3-Panel Pet portrait custom Lichtenstein popart
4-Panel Custom modern pet portrait
5-Panel Custom pop art pet portrait painting
Modern Lichtenstein pet portrait painting
Abstract Rainbow pet portrait canvas
Stylize pet modern art portrait
Pet modern portrait online
Custom pet pop art portrait painting from photo
Canvas pet portrait
Pets modern portrait
Pet Warhol popart

"Wow... These were the first words that came into my head when I received my Modern Pet portrait”


Unique pet portrait painting by Photoartomation Art Studio

Unique pet portrait painting from photo

Unique pet portrait painting from photo

For the pet portrait order you will need to pick up one or several photos of high quality, and send them by e-mail. Photoartomation studio artist can do pets portraits from color photo black-and-white portraits and vice versa. Artist can combine different photos on one big collage portrait. Session portrait paint usually take about one hour, artist told, and their prices vary from $175 to $500. The external dog goes to a marching route; the homebody receives a sofa; and the active dog frolics on a beach. It never forms a head of cabbage without squeaky toy, requirements of animals and it "the confidential weapon", whistle of the trainer. In front of the camera some dogs are shy, and some - hams, pet artist told, but its secret for successful hunting with any dog identity - patience. Pet portrait - one thing. If you think over how to attract a dog, choosing settlement in which actually there lives an animal, shows common sense. The majority of dogs house, also - it on a sofa or lying in a berth for a dog is going to strengthen the story which you adjust. If a dog more for the street, giving sense of the yard where the animal plays, good idea. If you attract animals who are wilder, you can work from photos who is beautiful, but keep in mind that the majority of those photos probably was made in the open air therefore probably make some researches of natural light to receive the atmosphere simply directly round your model of the wild nature. Besides, the pose on which you locate, has to be probably, less "sits, remains" and more natural to a wild animal.

Pet portrait painting in Impasto
Custom pet portrait painting in gothic
Dog portrait gothic painting
Portrait drawing of pet portrait
Cat and girl portrait oil painting
Painted pet portrait in impasto
Custom pet portrait painting in cubism
Dog portrait oil painting
Custom cat portrait
Custom boys pet portrait
Oil pet portrait
Custom pet portrait oil painting
Canvas painting pet portrait
Watercolor pet portrait
Embroidery pet portrait

"Wow... These were the first words that came into my head when I received my unique pet portrait painting ”
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Pet Portrait Painting


Pet portrait artists loves pets

Pet portrait artists loves pets It always forces me to smile when I see the pet portrait artists who loves a pet so that drawing or painting which they do them the quadruped partner, leave a little as the high story where the Snowball a domestic cat is delayed as the wild lion roaming about fields. It forces me to giggle, but it also strengthens that I know. Namely, that you have to know the model - and her environment - when business reaches attraction of animals if you want that final drawing or painting were carried seriously. Professional pet portrait artists in more and more competitive business owners of a quiz about faces of their dogs, find ideal settlement and use toys to make the best at animals at whom they shoot, knowing that portraits will endure pets. Twenty years ago the majority of people didn't think to place their pet in the family photo or on an annual Christmas card. Today, both probably will be constructed round a favorite animal. And the older the pet reaches, the more people think of professional portraits. Frida Kaas and two other known darlings of the photographer live continents separately and everything specialize in sincere photos of dogs and cats in their favourite places, not in studio. They spend time with people and pets before session starts, and they know importance of perpetuation of growing old animals. Pet portrait artist offers a package for very old or incurably sick dogs. To catch whims which bring photos round, Frida Kaas send letters before appointment. People asks that clients chose a celebrity which their dog reminds for helps of their relations. The owner of a bulldog by the name of Frida Kaas, The owner of the small mixed breed quoted created long memoirs for customers and steam of saving portrait that these dogs - family members and not only dogs whom refuse", Customer to whom dogs portraitist twice told and plans more as they grow old.

"Great! The staff worked with me to make the finished product just as I wanted. I loved the pet portrait oil painting and it was a great surprise for my husband’s birthday. We have sung you praises and shared your site with others who want similar product.”

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Pet Portrait Painting


Portrait painting - dogs and cats

Custom Pet Portrait Paintings Photoartomation Art Studio allows visitors to upload pet pictures from their computers and transform the dog and cat photos into Custom Pet Portrait Paintings

Pet pictures to custom portrait painting, dog, cat
Pet photo to custom portrait painting, dog, cat
Pet picture 2 custom portrait painting, dog, cat
Cat pictures 2 custom portrait painting, dog, pet
Custom pet portrait painting from photo, dog, cat
Custom size pet portrait painting from photo, dog, cat
Custom painting from photo, pet, dog, cat portraits
Custom portrait painting from pet pictures, dog, cat
Pet photo 2 custom portrait painting
pet portrait drawing, dog, cat pictures
Pet portrait oil painting, cats, dogs
Pet oil portrait painting from photo

Today, obtaining your immortalized dogs and cats portrait paintings a lung with today's technology. With digital cameras, computers and digital printers, you will be able to create a big portrait of pet which you take. However, if you want elegance in a way, keep pet portrait painting on canvas, receiving the pictures painted, as a portrait - a way to go. This method of saving of dog portraits paintings existed through many centuries. Actually, it is only way to keep the image for posterity. Good example of cat portraits painting created by the Italian artist and the inventor. dog paintings created of the pet with a mysterious smile. Paintings of dogs and cats - other known artist who creates portraits of animals. Some other known works are in the National Museum of the custom dog paintings in Washington the District of Columbia while others can be noticed in some known museums around the world, such as the cat paintings from photos. How to paint a dogs portrait. If you want to draw the dog portrait, you will see that there are very many artists which can copy your dog picture and immortalize it on a canvas. They will be able to draw precisely dog picture painted into canvas with limit realism. However, painted cats portraits wouldn't like to sit on a stool within many hours only to draw cat portrait, could enter also the best custom cat painting, take photos, print it and present a cat paint to the artist. People will be able to copy the painting of your cat in the which drawing it on collecting voices. How to paint dogs and cats. You can choose that you want to be drawn on collecting voices. It can be your image, or it can be all family. Actually, it can even be your dog or a cat. Regardless of the fact that you want to receive the added collecting voices, you can be sure that gifted artists will be able to copy it today. Portrait painting usually becomes through painting. Painting is able to allow you to create realistic images and usually is a method number of one creation of portraits. Even gloss of your eyes can be copied with painting. You could make also it through water color painting. It will have the same realistic effect, but the majority of artists prefers painting as it is often very difficult to make water color portraits. Each time when you look for the artist to receive your picture on collecting voices, you could would like to shop the one first, looking at their work. You have to remember that some artists today not just as talented when business reaches portrait painting. Some can draw realistic fruit or flowers, but can't quite make really persons also. Before you will transfer and began work, try to ask for them examples of their work. Doing so, you will be able to know what to expect
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Drawing portrait of pet on canvas from photo

Drawing portrait of pet on canvas from photo

Realistic portrait drawing is simple if you follow several methods and practice to draw on canvas. Drawing dogs and cats are full of determination to study. Bay investigated books with practical recommendations and visited classes and seminars. In this website, in addition to custom pet portrait drawing with practical recommendations, you find extremely useful examples. This drawing portrait of pet on canvas from photo was very first realistic sketch draw in colored pencil.
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Pet Portrait Drawing


Receive unique portraits from photos of your pets

portraits from photos of your pets

As fans of animals people are inclined to take a lot of pictures of pets. Take a look as portraits of our indistinct friends, curtailed sleeping, and also take the stated photos of pets in favorites places. Also take the picture us with dog or cat and children, in the same way, as would be other family members. Most these photos are susceptible to an inclination. In time, they will disappear, curl and be torn, and paper will be yellow. If you want to protect the pet pictures then, you have to consider receiving portrait painting on canvas from photos of pet. These it is improbable as the live interpretations made of stored photos of favourite partners, are the best way to show your love to your pet and receive unique portraits from photos of your pets.
Photoartomation Art Studio Pet Portrait Painting


Order online custom cat portraits painted from photos

Custom Pet Portrait Painting from Photo - cat

Pet portrait painting - an amusing hobby also which can be rigid to study, whether isn't present at you the appropriate direction in training. There are no too many guides, available online about painting from photo, and offline which can teach the cat portraits which is painting step by step. Cat painting of a portrait from photo takes time, practice and the most important the correct methods which usually becomes in layers. Use of painting of materials as oil, acrylic paint or a water color doesn't matter from the point of view of the methods used in creation of a grumpy cat portrait photo to canvas print or board mounting and framing. Some methods which are important and characteristic for all types of pictures of a portrait are lower: 1 . Precisely doing a drawing sketch at first. For drawing of sketches of alignment of the cat of features, if the most important. Receiving portraits of cats of feature even part designate, will distort a portrait and its similarity. And this process has to occupy actually a significant amount of time and effort. 2 . Use of paint in layers. Start from skin color to a portrait (to underpainting - the easy version of tone of skin). The following layers have to be variable flowers and tones. Note - don't become forced to be given too soon. You don't become upset if your some cat portraits not that you expected the first. You will have to more, than probably practice and practice. Cheerfully spend time and you like to learn to draw.
Photoartomation Art Studio - Pet Portrait (cat)


Order online custom dog portraits painted from photos

Custom Pet Portrait Painting from Photo

A large number of people like to have custom dog portraits painted from photos which they can hands canvas on the wall. Some artist made pet portrait oil painting while some do dog pencil sketch portraits. The dog portrait painters for example are connection art representation between family members and more meaning, than the usual photo. It doesn't remain simply a picture of last memoirs as the picture of a portrait can be kept through generations and becomes an ancient masterpiece. Professional pet portraits painting appreciated for its elegance and beauty as this form of art took the general eyes. There are many other reasons, why dogs portrait painting - good investments as a hobby (spending time and effort painting of dog) and as care of old memoirs of proximity (a family, friends, cases, property, the relations, and much more which gives value of human life.
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