How much does custom pet portrait cost?

Please help me give my husband (an animal lover) an unusual birthday gift. I would not get a pet for a gift. We already have like 20 or more animals and we don’t need more pets. I am looking for good artist or online site to order pet portrait drawing or painting on canvas
Any ideas? Thanks


- I strive to create paintings on canvas that completely capture your dog's unique personality, including all those ... If that isn't possible, you can send digital images to me as attachments with your request. Contact me: igoart(at)yahoo.com

- I've been painting animals for a long time. Prices start at $325 for an 8x8 inch pencil head study portrait. To quote an accurate price, I need to know what type of portrait and what medium you want. Color portraits somewhat more and there are discounts for multiple portraits. I've put together a price guide to help you estimate the cost, but I will give you a firm quote before we begin.

- Well I started out charging very little for my paintings because I just didn't feel that my work was worth very much. My price in the beginning was $225.00 for a 8"x10" on canvas. The person I painted the painting for told me that I was charging way to little for my work and paid me $250.00 for my painting which was a 8"x10" so now that's what I charge and it hasn't changed. I am happy and they are happy.

- I struggle with that question all the time..I charge $175 for one dog in the portrait - shoulders up and add an additional $75 for each additional dog in the portrait. I sometimes draw the portrait in graphite but I've been told that I don't charge enough, but I agree it all boils down to confidence. I have a price list that I use as a guideline that way I can just give the client the sheet and don't hesitate when discussing price..I haven't done any comish's in a while so my price list is due for an update....

- I did a Google search and came across this site. Check to see if this is what you're looking for - Pets Portrait samples by photoartomation.com
They convert pet photos into art and print them on canvas. They are also have affordable prices start from $130 for 16x20 stretched canvas print. After you send them your photo they create a preview sample of your artwork. It’s free. You can buy it if you like it. If you don’t just cancel your order.
Good Luck!!!


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