Unique pet portrait painting by Photoartomation Art Studio

Unique pet portrait painting from photo

Unique pet portrait painting from photo

For the pet portrait order you will need to pick up one or several photos of high quality, and send them by e-mail. Photoartomation studio artist can do pets portraits from color photo black-and-white portraits and vice versa. Artist can combine different photos on one big collage portrait. Session portrait paint usually take about one hour, artist told, and their prices vary from $175 to $500. The external dog goes to a marching route; the homebody receives a sofa; and the active dog frolics on a beach. It never forms a head of cabbage without squeaky toy, requirements of animals and it "the confidential weapon", whistle of the trainer. In front of the camera some dogs are shy, and some - hams, pet artist told, but its secret for successful hunting with any dog identity - patience. Pet portrait - one thing. If you think over how to attract a dog, choosing settlement in which actually there lives an animal, shows common sense. The majority of dogs house, also - it on a sofa or lying in a berth for a dog is going to strengthen the story which you adjust. If a dog more for the street, giving sense of the yard where the animal plays, good idea. If you attract animals who are wilder, you can work from photos who is beautiful, but keep in mind that the majority of those photos probably was made in the open air therefore probably make some researches of natural light to receive the atmosphere simply directly round your model of the wild nature. Besides, the pose on which you locate, has to be probably, less "sits, remains" and more natural to a wild animal.

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"Wow... These were the first words that came into my head when I received my unique pet portrait painting ”
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Pet Portrait Painting

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